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   Welcome to Ceano Cosmetics. The company is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of natural handmade and chemicals free bath and body cosmetics from Latvia (Europe). Our handmade soaps, and other products are manufactured from the highest quality essential oils, natural extracts and dried plants.

   The company’s success story is based on the importance of every detail and that all stages between the points of handmade manufacture until the moment when each and every one of our fragrant and colorful beauty products finds its place in the purchaser’s bathroom.

    The company’s natural cosmetic product line is broad and varied – it is possible to find an aroma, colour, and form for each taste: handmade soap, bath bombs and bath salt, skin and hair care products, bath and body products. We are proud of successfully realizing our initial goal – quality, superior products and satisfied clients who trust and appreciate our products and receive them in a timely fashion.

   Ceano Cosmetics is manufacturing soap - each of them has its own unique colour palette, aroma and design. Our hand crafted soaps do not contain chemicals, our specialty is providing our customer with natural soap or showering and bath products. All soaps contain glycerine, which is excellent for maintaining moisture in skin, it softens skin and tones it up.

   Soaps contain pure essential oils with rich natural vitamin E, providing high moisturizing properties such as grape seed oil, peppermint and grapefruit oils and good for your skin natural plant extracts like aloe, camomile, marigold, that will treat your skin to the very best.

   As a soap manufacturer at the beginning our company grew in a full natural cosmetics manufacturer. Our beauty product line now offers wide range of bath products, such as bath bombs, bath creamers and bath salts; showering and hygienic products as shower gels, body scrabs and shower mousses; body skin care products as body creams, milks, lotions and massage oils. As well as face care cosmetics, hair care products and sauna cosmetics, and private label cosmetics.

Ceano.ch is an official representative of Ceano Cosmetics in Switzerland.

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